International House of Prayer - Atlanta


The International House of Prayer Atlanta is an organization with a big vision. At the on-set of the project, it was quite obvious that they needed room to grow. The organization had a primary focus, but it also had many unique and dependant sub-facets. Their leadership understood that the Internet was their connection to the world. From the very beginning they knew that they wanted to use the Internet as both a vehicle to convey their message and an accesss point for the public.


When we first started our process on this project, we did extensive interviewing. We immersed ourself in their world so that we could grasp their vision and understand their likes and dislikes.

The end result was a scalable, maintainable web solution that was also user friendly. Direct email campaigns to subscribed users are used extensively to help keep them up to date on what is going on. Event calendars and up-to-date content are also key elements for users. In addition, custom applications, administrative consoles and reliable email service assist internal staff members.

Services received:

Strategy and requirements analysis
Information architecture
Website design
Custom application development
Administration console