Whitehall Homes Atlanta


When Whitehall Homes Atlanta came to us, they communicated their need for a web site where the content was current and the imagery was rich. Whitehall Homes Atlanta understood the need to reach the modern homebuyer who shops first on the Internet. Their site at that time was antiquated and not maintained.


First we started by collecting as much information about what makes Whitehall Homes Atlanta tick. We looked at every angle and then crafted a smart, custom solution.

The end-result was database back-end and an administration console that allowed in-house staff the ability to maintain a majority of the pieces of the site. The first benefit was that non-technical employees were able to maintain a complex dataset without any real training. Maintenance costs were also reduced over the life of the product. By eliminating the middle-man, maintenance was also faster and more accurate due to the streamlined maintenance workflow.

Services received:

Strategy and requirements analysis
Information architecture
Website design
Custom application development
Administration console