Our Process

We have found that with the abundance of web applications and media forms available, organizations often find themselves faced with the challenge putting together all of the pieces. AMG takes a personal, comprehensive approach to this problem by analyzing both the internal business processes and target market of your organization. Our five-phase process helps our clients to identify and obtain the right technical, design and marketing tools to streamline your business.

We believe that it is our responsibilty as media professionals to provide thorough consultation services to our clients. Our personal, one-on-one consulatatons are followed by a smart, well-crafted proposal. Why do we do it? Well-thought time and attention to the unique needs of our clients allows us to present you with options that will bring you the most value for your dollar.

Phase 1 - Project Definition

Phase deliverables:
Project plan
Feature list
Site map

During Project Definition, we spend as much time as necessary to consult with our client. Our Goal is to engineer solutions that give the greatest return on their investment. With a solid understanding our client’s needs, we move on to the next phase.

Phase 2 - Design

Phase deliverables:
Creative brief
Information architecture
Graphic design

Once a complete needs analysis is completed, we now have the information needed to start the building process. This is where the creativity begins and the project starts to take shape.

Phase 3 - Development

Phase deliverables:
Weekly Status Reports

After a thorough investigation into the needs of your company, and a solid plan is arrived at, the next phase is the building phase. During development, we take our plan, and begin building.

Phase 4 - Delivery

Alsbury Media Group is committed to serving our clients through the life of the solution we develop for them. Be it maintenance or adding new features, we are always looking for ways to make our customers more successful.

Phase 5 - Maintenance

Businesses always change, and so your content should too. When it is out-of-date, you are disconnected from your audience. Fresh content is critical to the success of any good business and we provide with responsive service for your maintenance needs.